A new site www.kritee.com.np has been launched.

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A new site www.kritee.com.np has been launched about Nepali Unicode and its conversion reviving the old looks with new codes. Feel free to drop a feedback for its improvement.

Nepali Unicode

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For the users who are new in Nepali typing and had never typed in Nepali either in Preeti, Kantipur like fonts you should go for Nepali Romanized since it is very similar to english typing, But if you have been typing in Preeti, Kantipur like true type fonts you should be comfortable with the traditional layout of the Nepali Unicode.
After installation the first thing is you cannot type in word or excel just by selecting the Nepali Unicode font Mangal or other like selecting Preeti or Kantipur font. You should switch between the input language found in the Language Bar mostly in the notification area beside the date and time of the computer. Alternatively the ALT+SHIFT shortcut can do that work.

It had been 10 years since I had been using the Nepali Unicode and I began with the Traditional layout as I had worked with the Preeti font previously. At that time the UniNepali font was used but had problems especially with the numbers 0 and 1 being interchanged. Mangal has been shipped with the Windows itself and is default font. The only problem it had was it could not show the joined words as we do in writing. The hanging words just do not hang below. Another Unicode font that ships with the Windows is Arial Unicode which can hang some letters.

With the traditional layout the problem was when getting the symbols on writing, you frequently had to change to Nepali to English and English to Nepali to get the symbols. So I gave a try to Romanised Nepali. Then editing in Preeti and Kantipur has been troublesome. There is a solution conversion tools made by MPP in java added with manual corrections.

Typing in Unicode Nepali is like following the Nepali grammer (byakaran) and sound. You follow the sound of the words and you get it typed. Learning takes time but fruitful after you have done it and will enjoy the work unlike attaching the symbols and get the words created in Preeti and Kantipur Fonts. This is what we teach our trainees on Nepali Unicode typing and we give several words (really difficult) words to type like राष्ट्रिय,विद्यालय, विद्यार्थी। To begin with you can type various simple words like
nepal, नेपाल,
himal हिमाल,

You will enjoy it, but don't forget to download the Nepali Unicode layout and put it handy.
Try these letters to type
I will be uploading a how to type nepali unicode shortly, seems to be misplaced now. Happy Typing.


Nepali Unicode in Windows8

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I just installed Nepali Unicode Romanised in Windows8 and saw that previous shown EN button for English language has been turned to ENG, and similary on changing to Nepali unicode (by pressing ALT+SHIFT) NE button on the notification has changed to नेपा (Nepa) . I think I had seen this in Ubuntu or other linux (Fedora) not sure. Though in MAC OS the flag shows along with the letter.

Remove Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter

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I remember when I installed Virtual WiFi in my laptop I got this Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter. This was stubburn to be removed and I once even reinstalled the Operating System. But this time I didn't realised when it got through to the laptop. When it resides I have problem with my Wifi. It does not connect properly or it does not show my wifi AP and also it did not connect to the new Wifi AP only the old APs were able to connect. So I had disabled the Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter from the Network Connections (control panel >> ncpa.cpl). But one with the same problem came and even with disabling this from the network connections I cannot get through. Therefore I had google again and find its solution. Lucky enough I got it in one of the website and worked. http://www.sevenforums.com/network-sharing/155404-right-way-disable-microsoft-virtual-wifi-miniport-adapter.html
I am even going to try this in my laptop. Hope it works in mine too. Yes it worked too and this Microsoft Virtual Miniport adapter vanished from the network connections of control panel.
Running cmd as an administrator and the following commands were issued
"netsh wlan stop hostednetwork"
"netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=disallow"

Change Office Language on MacBook Pro

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Change Microsoft Office 2011 Finnish to English Language on MacBook Pro
After the fresh unwrap of MacBook Pro, with the apple id created, all the necessary softwares had to be installed. All the freeware were not a problem to install on it, but the skype. I cannot download skype for mac from the windows computer. I was forced to download the skype from mac itself, after several times I downloaded the skype for mac from windows computer but always redirected to the skype for windows. Copied the links itself from the mac client and pasted to the windows pc, this time too redirected to failure. So gave up and had to download it though the internet in the macbook was slow. The next big hurdle was the Office package. Most of the clients were familiar with the Windows Package rather than other free ones. The client had the purchased version of Microsoft Office 2011 Home and Student Version 2011, but in Spanish and the Finish language only (two versions). I found it after I installed it. The installation process was in the English with the selection language (I don't know but later found those words were for Spanish and Finish, I remembered one of those word were suomi means Finnish.) After many search one of the search told to download a English version of Office 2011 with the same serial key provided. While others told to uninstall the previous version and delete this and that from different locations in mac, which was of course time consuming since this machine has not been much familiar to me as windows and linux. So I downloaded the English version of the same with the serial key. I later knew it had costed 15000 Nepali Rupees (I forgot the dollar it cost as told). So as said it worked without much pain to me. I had installed OpenOffice.org for mac as a backup. I tried for NeoOffice but could not as it would ask me 10 Dollar. Neither do I have any master card nor sending any money outside the country was easier enough than receiving. Trouble for now has been settled, more will be coming soon I hope.

Snort IDS and Honeyd on Windows XP and 2003

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Lately I have been working on snort IDS for windows. As per requirements to test it in windows, finally got hands on WinIDS. Though there is pre packaged solution on snort IDs with its graphical reporting snorby in Security Onion built in Ubuntu Iso, the preference were given to step by step built up and in windows. WinIds was great. But at last gave the Barnyard error in Windows XP. However such error was not present in windows server 2003. The error was while running barnyard in cmd prompt, it just did not want to run. Next thing I tried to run apache and mysql server that of xampp but just can't. So without further delay just installed fresh apache and mysql. So everything went well on testing in windows server 2003 and made it ready for the deployment.
The next task was to run honeypot in windows. I chose honeyd for windows version. This particular was also incompatible with windows xp. "WinHoneyd is NOT compatible with Windows XP SP2. Microsoft recommended solution:server 2003" one of the experts says in "Experts Exchange". So in favor of server 2003, gave up for Windows XP. I will publish further results after testing.

3G settings in Nepal Telecom (NTC) for Samsung Galaxy S III

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Samsung Galaxy S3 and another unkown android tablet already activated for NTC 3G were not able to connect to the internet via GPRS or 3G with the settings provided in the NTC site. The proxy settings whether correct or not gave the negative result and also the sms gprs for 1404 would not give the reply sms from the NTC as at the time of 12 - 2.30 PM yesterday. After playing for more than 1 hour the settings however worked for them. First the tablet was connected to the internet through 3G high speed then the S3. The APN setting I used was ntnet. APN name ntnet and APN ntnet. Nothing more than that. The mobile data and data roaming were turned on. After the restart of each device, I was able to browse the internet with the status H (which stands for HSDPA). I really want to note down this before I forget. For more information
Other unsuccessful try were with the ntc APN and ntwap