Activate roaming in NTC prepaid sim from abroad


 Nepal Telecom (NTC) SIM can have roaming service. If you are going abroad you can subscribe the roaming service using USD code *1415*7# . But you cannot do this from abroad. If you are out of country you can subscribe this service via "Nepal Telecom" app.

To subscribe via app you need to go "Buy Packs" and then select "International Service" >> "GSM Prepaid Service" >> "Roaming Activation."

Though subscription successful, as of writing this the service has not been enabled yet.
Another option is login to selfcare portal of Nepal Telecom if you have already created. Go to Buy Packages and then select prepaid and then "International Services" and then under GSM Prepaid Roaming Service, the activation link can be found. This will send an OTP to mobile, so will not work outside the country.

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  1. Is it same for postpaid? I am in Singapore, and have been trying to enable Roaming, but so far no luck. Tried manual latching to local networks too. Can you help?