Importing contacts in Nokia 6020

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Importing contacts in Nokia 6020

Nokia 6020 when bought 10 years back cost me about 12k and was great at that time with the built-in camera, infrared and most of them the joystick made it very comfortable to use. It was my first mobile that could connect with the computer. It had data cable DKU-5 for the data transfer between the PC and mobile. It's still in use and my mom uses it. Though it lacks the Nepali fonts for her, she uses contacts photo list to dial us and relatives. It is just that great and no other phones had been used so long without problem. The problem with it was, it was dead one day and brother had it fixed with the new T mobile Symbian OS. Everything was fine unless one day most of the contacts were deleted by one of my kids while playing with it.
So I thought of restoring the contacts from my mobile to it. So my first task was getting the contacts from outlook 2010 to the format that Nokia supports, which was of course .vcf file.

Exporting the outlook 2010 contacts to vcard files (.vcf)
Method No. 1

  1. Create a new email message

  2. Click on Attach Item > Business Card > Other Business Cards

  3. Select the contact(s)

  4. The contact(s) will be attached. Select the contact(s) in vcf extensions; drag and drop to the folder or Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste) to the desired folder.
Method No. 2

  1. Go to contacts section in outlook

  2. Select the contact(s) to export. Click on Forward contact drop down icon > As a Business Card. By default on clicking forward contact the contacts will be attached in .msg files (Outlook Contact). So we need to click on drop down icon in it to select Business Card

  3. The contact(s) will be attached. Select the contact(s) in vcf extensions; drag and drop to the folder or Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste) to the desired folder.
Now the contacts were ready to be imported to the mobile.

Importing the contacts to Nokia 6020

The mobile was then connected with the computer with the cable so called DKU-5 or CA-42 (Whatever it may be) as I had connected previously but the different PC. The driver was installed and Nokia PC suite installed and updated. But whenever the mobile was connected it said Data Enhancement Connected and then again Enhancement not Supported. So I decided to go for IrDA connection. Then the old Dell Latitude C640 was powered on. Infrared had been disabled in it. So it was enabled from the BIOS settings. The Infrared settings was enabled in the Mobile and then placed near the Infrared reception of the laptop, a shortcut icon on the desktop was created enabling the data exchange between the devices.

Before I finally got the Infrared working on the laptop I downloaded the Infrared driver for it, since it was only disabled from the BIOS the driver was not needed. However the link for the driver is, just in case I format the laptop again.


Kanhe Maichha

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कान्हि मैचा मंसिर महिनासँ,
चुरा व सचिका ज्वना
का वय् त्यल न्हा
का वय् त्यल न्हा

वा दाईचा मंसिर महिनासँ,
जिगु थ्व ब्‌छि जोबन
छंगु लागि न्हा
छंगु लागि न्हा

म्हगसे न छं हे जक
मिखा पिक: वैगु जित

मिखा कना च्वन धासा
न्हिला न्हिला क्यनि जित

छ बिना च्वनेहे मफुत
सुईगु भरे च्वने दाईचा
याकन हे वा दाईचा
याकन हे वा

छँगु मन जिगु मन,
झंग ब्वथेँ ब्वया च्वन
छँगु दुख: जिगु दुख:,
छगु हे थेँ जुया च्वन

छ मदेक जिँ न मफुत
याकन हे का व्य् मैचा,
धैर्य याना च्वँ मैचा,
धैर्य याना च्वँ