Restore Search in XP

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Everytime a virus attacks the computer, certain features are missing from the computer. One of the common missing feature is the good old search option from the explorer. One of the approve method is explore to the inf folder in windows of the system drive e.g. C:\WINDOWS\inf\srchasst.inf and locate the srchasst.inf file. Right click over it click on install. You may need the windows xp to complete this.

There is also the another method, hacking the registry
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer] "NoFind"=dword:00000000

Click on START >> RUN >> REGEDIT and browse to the above mentioned keys
Right click on the right side of the registry window and create a new key called "NoFind" with its DWORD value 00000000.
Many of my friends have reported the successful restore of the search in their computer. Among them some are no other than Sanjip and Sambhu. Good Luck Guys. This save many of you like troubled out there. The good ones are not that easier to find.