Unfollow Multiple Facebook Groups in easy steps

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Unfollowing facebook groups is much more annoying and difficult if you have followed many groups and subjects. The easy way for it

  1. Go to News Feed Preferences, below the ACTIVITY LOG and above the SETTINGS on the right drop down of facebook page.
  2. Unfollow people to hide their posts
  3. Click to unfollow people or groups

However it does not unlike the pages or groups. For multiple unliking the pages and groups the following steps could help.

  1. Go to your profile pages
  2. Click on the LIKES on the left panel
  3. On the drop down list click on unlike on every liked pages or groups.

Nepali Unicode is installed NOW WHAT

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Many of my friends have asked me, "I have installed Nepali Unicode in my computer, now what". They certainly mean they got through all the pains installing nepali unicode in their computer (Really time consuming and lengthy process in Windows XP than newer Windows) now how can they type in Nepali Unicode. As I have already suggested in http://dipes.com.np/p/nepali-script-in-xp.php if you are new in Nepali typing and had never typed in Nepali either in Preeti, Kantipur or whatever you should go for Nepali Romanized since it is very similar to english typing, But if you have been typing in Preeti, Kantipur like true type fonts you should be comfortable with the traditional layout of the Nepali Unicode.
After installation the first thing is you cannot type in word or excel just by selecting the Nepali Unicode font Mangal or other like selecting Preeti or Kantipur font. You should switch between the input language found in the Language Bar mostly in the notification area beside the date and time of the computer. Alternatively the ALT+SHIFT shortcut can do that work.

It had been 10 years since I had been using the Nepali Unicode and I began with the Traditional layout as I had worked with the Preeti font previously. At that time the UniNepali font was used but had problems especially with the numbers 0 and 1 being interchanged. Mangal has been shipped with the Windows itself and is default font. The only problem it had was it could not show the joined words as we do in writing. The hanging words just do not hang below. Another Unicode font that ships with the Windows is Arial Unicode which can hang some letters.

With the traditional layout the problem was when getting the symbols on writing, you frequently had to change to Nepali to English and English to Nepali to get the symbols. So I gave a try to Romanised Nepali. Then editing in Preeti and Kantipur has been troublesome. There is a solution conversion tools made by MPP in java added with manual corrections.

Typing in Unicode Nepali is like following the Nepali grammer (byakaran) and sound. You follow the sound of the words and you get it typed. Learning takes time but fruitful after you have done it and will enjoy the work unlike attaching the symbols and get the words created in Preeti and Kantipur Fonts. This is what we teach our trainees on Nepali Unicode typing and we give several words (really difficult) words to type like राष्ट्रिय,विद्यालय, विद्यार्थी। To begin with you can type various simple words like
nepal, नेपाल,
himal हिमाल,

You will enjoy it, but don't forget to download the Nepali Unicode layout and put it handy.
Try these letters to type
I will be uploading a how to type nepali unicode shortly, seems to be misplaced now. Happy Typing.


Nepali Unicode in Windows8

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I just installed Nepali Unicode Romanised in Windows8 and saw that previous shown EN button for English language has been turned to ENG, and similary on changing to Nepali unicode (by pressing ALT+SHIFT) NE button on the notification has changed to नेपा (Nepa) . I think I had seen this in Ubuntu or other linux (Fedora) not sure. Though in MAC OS the flag shows along with the letter.

Making USB pen drive bootable for OS installation

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There are various methods of making pen drive bootable to install Operating System and making live usb drives. After following various methods, Till now I have found this one easy and reliable, and also Ubuntu official site recommends this for their installation. Its Universal USB Installer. I recently used it to install Windows8 using pen drive 8gb.
It can be used to install various windows versions as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 along with other linux distributions.
Rufus too makes ones life easy on creating Windows and Linux bootable pen drive.

Listening Sathi (Nahola sangai aaja ta) by Yama Buddha

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Really good and touchy. But the lyrics from www.smslyrics.com seems to be down due to bandwidth limitation. Lyrics more now from new website www.npsongs.com

oo mero baalyakaal dekhiko milne saathi
haamro mitrataa aru sambandha bhanda maathi
hami sahar ghumna janthiyou rati rati bhagi bhagi
ghar ma aama buwa lai dhati
marna ra maarna tayaar ek arkaa ko lagi
sadhai sangai basthiyou school padhda hami
dubai na jaane yedi euta birami
je pani baadne haamro ramro thiyo baani
usle ekdin churot salkaai sodhyo "oye khane"
maile pani tane, sankochai namaani
din bitdai gayo ani laagyo tesko baani
bistarai kulat ma phasiyo
jaani najaani gaajaa ani goti
saaman ra paani yo pachi tyo
tyo pachi tyo dami
jhyaap nabhai din pani raamrai nalagne
tespachi feri kahile ustai rahenau haami

(nahola sangai aaja ta tara ma tara
tero samjhana yo manmaa chha
saath chhodne chhaina bhanthyou kahile
tara saathi nikai yeklo chhu ahile) 2

yesari nai laagu padartha maa dubdai gayou
galat nirnaya kharaab parinaam ko sikar bhayou
kati lai kutyou, lutyou, katilaai thagyou
gharmaa aafnai aama buwa sanga jharkyou
aafai maa ladyou tara khana chhodenau
bistarai haami ek arkaa sangai bolenau
sodhne garthe saathi bhaile haamro baaremaa
oo binaa malaai ek rati raamro laagena
aba sabai tyaagne maile baacha gare
baahira naniski kothaa bhitra sutera base
bistaarai ma padhai tira aghi badhe
sunne garthe oo ajhai testai chha bhanne
ek din achaanak usko bhai ma sanga runa lagyo
copyright www.smslyrics.com
mero manmaa bibhinna prasnaharu uthna thalyo
oo aghillo raat aspatalmaa bityo re
ma maathi aakash khasyo, ma bihosiye

(nahola sangai aaja ta tara ma tara
tero samjhana yo manmaa chha
saath chhodne chhaina bhanthyou kahile
tara saathi nikai yeklo chhu ahile) 2

bibhinna prasnaharu ko uttar khojchhu ma
if you never sort it out, take a bit, sochchhu ma
saayad haamro dosti pani yeuta misaal hunthyo
tero mero saath haamro manobal bishaal hunthyo
haar pani jeet, jeet pani haar hunthiyo
ghar byabahaar hunthiyo, sampanna sukhi pariwar hunthiyo
copyright www.smslyrics.com
dukha sukha maa sangai rointhyo, haasinthyo
ta ra ma (U and me) daju bhai jasari bachinthiyo
ke laanuchha jindagi dui din ko naaso
ta chaadai gaees tara ek din ma pani aauchhu
saanta sundar sansaar maa tyo baadal paariko
jitnu bhanda thulo kuro himmat naharnu ho
tesaile lad-dai chhu, sangharsa gardaichhu
ta kasto chhas saathi ma sanchaichhu
tero yaad aayo ani samjhera basdaichhu
hami pheri bhetchhau bhani din gandaichhu

(nahola sangai aaja ta ra ma
tara tero samjhana yo manmaa chha
saath chhodne chhaina bhanthyou kahile
tara saathi nikai yeklo chhu ahile) 3

Free SMS

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List of free sms sites to check

Benefitting from localised servers in Nepal

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Bandwidth has always been the bottle neck for all the Internet users and also the ISP. As a user we all feel slow while browsing the Internet and downloading files. Also as a service provider we have always thrive to fulfill the bandwidth requirement for the clients.
There's NPIX trying to put local traffic local, as a way helping the us a faster way to browse the internet. My Boss always encourage us to use our own email server that we maintain, keeping our traffic within the country, saving the bandwidth and saving our privacy. NPIX has been proud on making its graph 1GB and aiming to 1.5GB bandwidth consumption. (I am also contributing to reach this target watching Youtube :) Kidding).
Since the Google Cache server has been installed in NTC, most of the Google services has been faster than before and as a matter of fact youtube has been allowed in our premises (Joking). Most of the NTC ADSL users like me has benefitted from it especially on youtube. We can watch the youtube movies without buffering (of course not always without buffering) but the bandwidth reaches 740kbps while watching and sometimes reach upto 1Mbps (Mind the small bps here). I am using networx freeware program to check my speed all the time. So most of the time I can watch these movies unless brother complains his Internet became slow. But my eyes are always in the networx small bandwidth meter to check the speed, if they do not reach 700+ I avoid those videos, since they hadn't been loaded in Google cache server, that means nobody has viewed them before and not in cache.

I used to hear friends abroad are watching the movies on their devices using youtube. And I used to guess when we would do that. It had not been long, just 3 years back. And now we are doing the same, though the Internet speed and growth is not as that of friends abroad. However we cannot sit still without thanking this so called cache server (proxy server), but hey we have already disposed the proxy server at our workplace and nobody thinks of restoring it, who cares. I am just a proxy server configurer not the decision maker.
To save bandwidth, we have heard of Akamai servers installed in Nepal and then Ubuntu Local Repository (Repo). I haven't use this Ubuntu Repo, but will be glad to hear CEntOS or Fedora Repo locally hosted in Nepal. However they haven't been highlighted as Ubuntu. Someday we may be shifting to Ubuntu, don't know. But what I haven't heard is the local sites that keep local bandwidth local that doesn't have to cross the border to cost the price. NPIX tells it is trying to keep local traffic local but doesn't say which sites are local. I only know them when the Internet is in problem and the national sites are working fine but not international sites. So as far as I know the ISPs sites are local. Most of the sites that has .np country level domain name but not hosted inside but outside. So they are a little bit slow than others.
Here is the list of some local sites by myself. If you know more, its worth sharing. I am not listing the sites of ISPs here.