Troubleshooting WiFi in HTC


Troubleshooting WiFi in HTC

WiFi was detected but unable to browse the internet.

I was connected  to the CNet ADSL Wireless Router and able to browse the internet using the wifi in HTC Touch P3452.

However in the new network with InfoSmart Router this device even didn't detected the wireless access point. But the HTC Touch Diamond was able to detect this access point and was also able to connect to this access point. But it was also failing to browse the internet through it. Always said the page could not be found. I then installed the task manager from fdcsoft from Through its ping test I was not even able to ping the wireless router. So after little searching I found out the solution of it. Just change a small setting
Go Start -> Settings -> Connections -> Wireless LAN -> Power Mode -> and slide all the way to Best Performance.
That just solved the problem in both the HTC Touch P3452 and the Diamond.


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