Sality Killer and Virut Killer

Every exe in your computer can get infected with sality virus and virut virus if you are not aware of these. Once they get infected your system and other drives, the installation of avira antivirus is fatal as it quarantines all the exe infected virus including the explorer.exe and other all the system programs. Then it will lock you outside of your computer making it unaccessible to the user, forcing the user to reinstallation of the operating system. To fight against them, kaspersky has pretty two tools salitykiller and virutkiller, better says to run them in safe mode, but the virus is smart itself to disable the safe mode as well. They work pretty good in normal mode too but they are exposed to the infected system, themselves are infected with those two creepy virus. So better way run them in the zipped mode and run a full scan. It works.

Here too, its time consuming and the use might thing the formatting and reinstallation of the system may be the easy way to handle this. But the care should be taken to take the backups of user data in the system drive.

However even after the reinstallation if the care is not given the whole system can be reinfected if any one of the infected exe file from the other drivers are executed in the system. Even the drivers should not be installed b4 cleaning the whole system. Running a full scan after the reinstallation of the operating system will do.

Happy killing sality and virut. If you enjoy working with them, test them in virtual OS or vmware.


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