3G settings in Nepal Telecom (NTC) for Samsung Galaxy S III


3G settings in Nepal Telecom (NTC) for Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S3 and another unkown android tablet already activated for NTC 3G were not able to connect to the internet via GPRS or 3G with the settings provided in the NTC site. The proxy settings whether correct or not gave the negative result and also the sms gprs for 1404 would not give the reply sms from the NTC as at the time of 12 - 2.30 PM yesterday. After playing for more than 1 hour the settings however worked for them. First the tablet was connected to the internet through 3G high speed then the S3. The APN setting I used was ntnet. APN name ntnet and APN ntnet. Nothing more than that. The mobile data and data roaming were turned on. After the restart of each device, I was able to browse the internet with the status H (which stands for HSDPA). I really want to note down this before I forget. For more information
Other unsuccessful try were with the ntc APN and ntwap

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