Change Office Language on MacBook Pro

Change Microsoft Office 2011 Finnish to English Language on MacBook Pro
After the fresh unwrap of MacBook Pro, with the apple id created, all the necessary softwares had to be installed. All the freeware were not a problem to install on it, but the skype. I cannot download skype for mac from the windows computer. I was forced to download the skype from mac itself, after several times I downloaded the skype for mac from windows computer but always redirected to the skype for windows. Copied the links itself from the mac client and pasted to the windows pc, this time too redirected to failure. So gave up and had to download it though the internet in the macbook was slow. The next big hurdle was the Office package. Most of the clients were familiar with the Windows Package rather than other free ones. The client had the purchased version of Microsoft Office 2011 Home and Student Version 2011, but in Spanish and the Finish language only (two versions). I found it after I installed it. The installation process was in the English with the selection language (I don't know but later found those words were for Spanish and Finish, I remembered one of those word were suomi means Finnish.) After many search one of the search told to download a English version of Office 2011 with the same serial key provided. While others told to uninstall the previous version and delete this and that from different locations in mac, which was of course time consuming since this machine has not been much familiar to me as windows and linux. So I downloaded the English version of the same with the serial key. I later knew it had costed 15000 Nepali Rupees (I forgot the dollar it cost as told). So as said it worked without much pain to me. I had installed for mac as a backup. I tried for NeoOffice but could not as it would ask me 10 Dollar. Neither do I have any master card nor sending any money outside the country was easier enough than receiving. Trouble for now has been settled, more will be coming soon I hope.


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