Benefitting from localised servers in Nepal


Benefiting from localized servers in Nepal

Bandwidth has always been the bottle neck for all the Internet users and also the ISP. As a user we all feel slow while browsing the Internet and downloading files. Also as a service provider we have always thrive to fulfill the bandwidth requirement for the clients.
There's NPIX trying to put local traffic local, as a way helping the us a faster way to browse the internet. My Boss always encourage us to use our own email server that we maintain, keeping our traffic within the country, saving the bandwidth and saving our privacy. NPIX has been proud on making its graph 1GB and aiming to 1.5GB bandwidth consumption. (I am also contributing to reach this target watching YouTube :) Kidding).
Since the Google Cache server has been installed in NTC, most of the Google services has been faster than before and as a matter of fact YouTube has been allowed in our premises (Joking). Most of the NTC ADSL users like me has benefited from it especially on YouTube. We can watch the YouTube movies without buffering (of course not always without buffering) but the bandwidth reaches 740kbps while watching and sometimes reach up to 1Mbps (Mind the small bps here). I am using networx freeware program to check my speed all the time. So most of the time I can watch these movies unless brother complains his Internet became slow. But my eyes are always in the networx small bandwidth meter to check the speed, if they do not reach 700+ I avoid those videos, since they hadn't been loaded in Google cache server, that means nobody has viewed them before and not in cache.

I used to hear friends abroad are watching the movies on their devices using YouTube. And I used to guess when we would do that. It had not been long, just 3 years back. And now we are doing the same, though the Internet speed and growth is not as that of friends abroad. However we cannot sit still without thanking this so called cache server (proxy server), but hey we have already disposed the proxy server at our workplace and nobody thinks of restoring it, who cares. I am just a proxy server configurer not the decision maker.
To save bandwidth, we have heard of Akamai servers installed in Nepal and then Ubuntu Local Repository (Repo). I haven't use this Ubuntu Repo, but will be glad to hear CEntOS or Fedora Repo locally hosted in Nepal. However they haven't been highlighted as Ubuntu. Someday we may be shifting to Ubuntu, don't know. But what I haven't heard is the local sites that keep local bandwidth local that doesn't have to cross the border to cost the price. NPIX tells it is trying to keep local traffic local but doesn't say which sites are local. I only know them when the Internet is in problem and the national sites are working fine but not international sites. So as far as I know the ISPs sites are local. Most of the sites that has .np country level domain name but not hosted inside but outside. So they are a little bit slow than others.
Here is the list of some local sites by myself. If you know more, its worth sharing. I am not listing the sites of ISPs here.


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