How to install Nepali Unicode in Windows XP


How to install Nepali Unicode in Windows XP

The installation process described here is for only Windows XP
System requirements:
  • System with Windows XP OS and Windows XP installation CD
  • Romanized download OR Traditional download

Nepali unicode romanized keyboard layout

Nepali unicode traditional keyboard layout

Choose romanized if you are new to nepali typing romanized layout screenshot. It types k for क, b for ब. nepal for नेपाल, dipes for दिेपेस, yoges for योगेस. It will be fun, try it.

Choose traditional if you are familiar with BA, KA, MA, NA nepali typing like in preeti, kantipur. If you need the keyboard layouts for these true type fonts you can download here. I have included the keyboad layouts for preeti font, kantipur font and fontasy_himali_ tt font. If you need the keyboard layouts for other fonts than mentioned you can request me at my feedback or mail me "dipes at" or "dipesm at". I will include them in or in your mail. For now lets keep on installing Nepali Unicode, so here goes the traditional layout screenshot
  • Unzip the romanized or traditional version
  • You have to logon with administrative rights
  • Double click on nepali.msi or tradi.msi to install nepali unicode on the system
  • With the Windows XP installation CD in the CD Drive Go to the control panel
  • Click on the regional and language options if in the classic view
  • If in the Category view, click on Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options >> Regional and Language Options >>

  • Click on Languages Tab

  • Put a check mark in Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai)
  • Click on Apply
  • Restart the computer or without restarting click on the Details command button 
  • Click on Add command button

  • Select Sanskrit in Input Language and Nepali Unicode (romanized or traditional) in the Keyboard layout
  • Click on OK command button
  • Click on Apply or OK command button.
  • Restart the computer if you haven't.
  • Use Alt+Shift to switch between the Nepali language and the English language.


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